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Wildfires merge into 32,000-acre blaze near Portland, Oregon

The Eagle Creek Fire and Indian Creek Fire have merged into one 32,000-acre blaze in the Columbia River Gorge, CBS affiliate KOIN-TV reports. The Indian Creek Fire began July 4 before merging with Eagle Creek Fire, according to KOIN-TV. The blaze was 0 percent contained early Wednesday, according to the station. Officials say the fire destroyed a small home and four other structures and is casting a haze of smoke…

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Live A Creative Life In Portland

Portland, Oregon is known for creativity and freedom. If you are an artist or free spirit, you are likely to find Portland an amazing place to live. Portland is charming and filled with cute homes. It is near the river, coast and mountains and is the perfect place to live if you love the outdoors. Portland is known for its art scene and the city is packed with creative types….

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Survey: Fewer homeless veterans in Oregon, no change in Portland

Kevin Blodgett was homeless in Portland for eight years until he got help from the Department of Veterans Affairs. (KATU Photo) PORTLAND, Ore. — Despite a pledge to end homelessness among veterans in Multnomah County, an Oregon Housing and Community Services point-in-time survey shows the number of homeless veterans hasn’t improved. The state conducted a survey of homeless individuals across the state to identify the number of homeless on one…

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Portland prepared to enter secret deal with Portland General Electric

Portland has two dams at the Bull Run drinking water reservoir, where a hydroelectric facility generates power.( Portland is considering putting taxpayer dollars at risk to sell hydroelectric power, and it won’t tell the public exactly how much it stands to make — or lose — from the arrangement. The city council will review a proposal Wednesday under which Portland General Electric would buy power from the city for more…

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Cycling company Rapha, with US headquarters in Portland, sells to Walmart heirs

This pastel shade of pink has become synonymous with the Rapha brand. Here, a Rapha rider grabs a snack. ( , a high-end cycling gear company with its North American headquarters in Portland, has sold a majority stake to RZC Investments, a private equity firm led by Walmart heirs Steuart and Tom Walton. The sale, announced Tuesday, shifts the company’s majority ownership from a group of founder shareholders, including lead…

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Sick of Portland Changing? Too Bad. Here Are 7 Places Where This City Could Soon Go Big.

Sick of Portland Changing? Too Bad. Here Are 7 Places Where This City Could Soon Go Big. (Rosie Struve) The horizon is thick with cranes: 32 at last count, more than all but four other U.S. cities. As many as 10,000 hardhat jobs remain unfilled, The Oregonian reported last month. Developers will add a projected 6,500 apartments to the metro area this year. A handful of large-scale projects are expected…

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Quorn Launches Food Cart Activation In Portland

Quorn Taco Truck Building on the food cart culture in Portland, Quorn, the world’s leading meat alternative brand, is launching an exciting experiential marketing activity – the Quorn Taco Tour. Moving around Portland each day until July 29th, from breweries to street corners, softball games to community events, Quorn’s food cart will be providing FREE…

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