Portland Trail Blazers leave February with a chance to break ceiling

After a positive February, the Portland Trail Blazers could make a real push in March for home-court advantage in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers closed out February with an emphatic 116-99 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night. It is their fourth straight win, only the second time this season they’ve reached that mark. They end the month with a 35-26 record, nine games better than…

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Monday night could be Portland’s coldest in 2018

Snow on the ground in Portland on Feb. 19. ( Bundle up, Portland. It’s about to get cold. The National Weather Service in Portland is predicting temperatures on Monday night and Tuesday morning will drop into the low 20s. "It will be cold," Matthew Cullen, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Portland said over the phone Monday morning, "probably the coldest we’ve seen in 2018." Cullen said that…

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Snow on the way in Portland? The ingredients might just be there Sunday

(Rosemarie Stein/Staff) It’s been an unusually warm winter so far, but there’s a chance Portland will see a sprinkling of the white stuff come Sunday evening. The forecast for that day calls for a low of 28 degrees. And with the National Weather Service saying showers are likely during the day — and that there’s a chance of snow showers overnight — it might just be a white President’s Day…

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A Portland Woman Comes Forward With Her Story of Being Attacked by Two Prominent Men

A Portland Woman Comes Forward With Her Story of Being Attacked by Two Prominent MenErica Naito-Campbell tells a harrowing story of sexual assault. (Emily Joan Greene) As the CEO of one of the city’s leading culturally specific nonprofits, McGee has built an expansive network. Supporters hailed his bid for office as a promising step for the causes he has championed. "I always told myself that I would come forward if…

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Oregon Jobs: How salaries for 12 Portland jobs stack up nationally

With Oregon unemployment at 4.1 percent, armies of Oregon companies are hiring. But how well do they pay? Compared to their national peers, pretty well, in terms of raw numbers. The Portland Business Journal, as part of our Oregon Jobs 2018 series examined what Rose City-area workers make compared to their national peers. SEE SLIDESHOW: Portland’s wage gaps: How we stack up against the rest of the country At first…

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TriMet to hire Portland Patrol Inc. to bolster transit security force

TriMet plans to hire Portland Patrol Inc. to provide up to 50 private security officers to enforce the transit agency’s code on buses and trains. The new "transit peace officers" will not be armed, but they will be empowered to issue warning, citations and exclusions for code violations, including fare evasion. The security officers will be former police officers or military personnel, and they’ll report to the Transit Police Division….

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Portland activist finds himself in #MeToo mess

Portland’s Resistance co-founder Gregory McKelvey( A years-old arrest has thrust a rising star in Portland activist circles into the middle of the #MeToo movement. Portland’s Resistance co-founder Gregroy McKevely was jailed six years ago on suspicion of strangling and kidnapping an ex-girlfriend while he was an 18-year-old student at Oregon State University, records show. It appears the case eventually was dismissed, but police and court records are sealed, so it’s…

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